A Reporter At Large E-Book

A Reporter At Large: A Decade of Tacoma Interviews, Feature Articles, and Photographs by Todd Matthews is an e-book collection of thirty-six interviews, feature articles, and photographs first published in the Tacoma Daily Index between September 2004 (when Matthews was hired as the newspaper's editor/reporter/photographer) and September 2014.

"It's the nature of daily newspaper journalism for articles to appear briefly in print or online before they are quickly buried by the next day's headlines," says Matthews. "This e-book highlights some of the memorable people and stories I have written about over the past decade at the newspaper."

Notable stories collected in A Reporter At Large include a profile of irreverent political cartoonist R. R. Anderson, who skewers local elected officials while entertaining the masses; Steven Nikolich's effort to re-open a rural bank in Buckley that was once the site of a dramatic heist and shootout during the 1920s; an interview with local blogger Jack Cameron, who memorializes Tacoma's homicide victims; a series charting the path of Sun King, a once-ridiculed, three-ton piece of public art, as it is moved out of storage after seven years and placed prominently in a waterfront park, thanks to a grassroots effort; a pair of historians from Artifacts Consulting racing to document Pierce County's old barns and homesteads before the buildings are razed by developers; and a series of interviews with tenants of the Winthrop Hotel in downtown Tacoma -- nearly 100 years after it opened, the former four-star hotel is now a crumbling high-rise and home to some of Tacoma's most vulnerable residents.

In 2007, Matthews earned the award for Outstanding Achievement in Media from the Washington State Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation for his work at the Tacoma Daily Index.

The Tacoma Daily Index is a legal newspaper that was founded more than 100 years ago in Tacoma, Wash., on May 1, 1890.

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